B&T’s Tree Service Clearwater Location

“I just got a message from B&T’s Tree Service Clearwater Location,” my friend responded. “Is it possible that B&T’s can clean out your house for you? Since you have been in touch with us, you must be thinking about removing a tree from your home or yard.” I already knew the service they recommended was a top notch firm with a good track record, but now I needed to find out how they could do a thorough job and fit into our tight schedule.

“We can do it,” my friend reassured me. “Just give us a call.” “How may I contact you?” “We are always available, just give us a call.”

I called B&T’s and they were more than happy to take care of our clearing project. They estimated that it would take them approximately three hours to perform the entire job. The crew that they sent out was very professional and very careful not to damage our trees – they went about each task as if they were taking care of their own trees. They removed any dead branches and left a well intact tree structure.

Once the job was done, B&T informed me that they would be sending me a check in the mail. Surprisingly, the check did arrive the next day – after I had forgotten about it. The amount was quite surprising given the fact that the cost of having a tree removed can range from two thousand to five thousand dollars. B&T’s did inform me that they would be paying my insurance company to remove the dead and dying trees. The only time I asked about the bill was when I spoke to one of their consultants who told me about how I could potentially save money by removing some of my trees myself.

Once the tree structure was complete, B&T’s provided me with a certificate of disposal. I was surprised that they didn’t charge me for this document – but then again, I didn’t think they were selling a lot of their trees. The trees were cut down and the remains were given to the local tree care program where they will hopefully be planted among many other healthy trees. That’s right – they sold my tree, not the contents of my life!

It was a very pleasant and satisfying experience working with B&T’s Tree Service Company in Clearwater, Florida. The price was fair and the service was great. I especially appreciate the honesty of B&T when it came to telling me how many trees they cleared away. They maintained that they never wanted to leave a “stump” behind and were always honest in their dealings. They also left the area well enough alone, allowing the trees to grow back and continue to add beauty to the area.