Cracking The Milwaukee Marketing Code

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A new multimedia show airing on E.W. Scripps stations around the state of Wisconsin, “Cracking the Milwaukee Marketing Code” is the product of a multi-year effort to produce the best television show of its kind. The program is a combination of interviews and research by a panel of experts with backgrounds in television, science, and marketing. It features the best and the brightest from around the state and is sure to please viewers of all ages.

It was the first time in a long time that the city of Milwaukee has played host to a prime time show. This is a great opportunity for Milwaukeeans and visitors alike to see their home city in a new light. Moreover, the program will also provide a glimpse into Milwaukee’s diverse past. For example, a peek at the city’s Jewish past is sure to whet many a visitor’s appetite. Similarly, the city’s rich mix of ethnic groups is a boon for those looking to understand the history of a particular neighborhood.