Hiring a Whistleblower Lawyer

whistleblower lawyer

If you feel that your employer is engaging in illegal activities, you may wish to consider contacting a whistleblower lawyer. A whistleblower lawyer can provide legal advice in the case that you are unable to report anonymously. They can also inform you of other legal options and what potential outcomes your report might have. If you wish to hire a whistleblower lawyer, there are several things that you should look for. Read on to learn more about these important issues.


An experienced whistleblower lawyer is essential in pursuing a successful case. While 90% of whistleblower claims are declined, there is no such thing as a hopeless case. With a strong whistleblower case, you must have personal knowledge of the fraudulent activity and have evidence to back up your claim. In addition, you must avoid breaking any contracts or posing as an employee of a government agency. To find a good lawyer, ask them for their experience handling whistleblower cases.


A whistleblower attorney’s background can be very important. In many cases, they have worked whistleblower lawsuits for the Department of Justice or as federal prosecutors. They may also have experience handling whistleblower lawsuits and defending clients in white collar fraud and False Claims Act prosecutions. They may also have worked for government agencies in the past. Other whistleblower attorneys represent plaintiffs in different types of lawsuits. However, the lawyer’s background should not be the only factor in selecting a whistleblower attorney.


There are many whistleblower reward programs, but most of these programs are fairly new and evolving. To find a lawyer with a strong background in whistleblower law, you should research state laws. The law is constantly changing, and a lawyer who focuses on these laws may be more helpful today than in the past. This resource list provides information on the various whistleblower reward programs. The following articles discuss some of the most common types of whistleblower cases.


The costs of hiring a whistleblower lawyer vary widely. Some attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you will not be required to pay them until you win your case. Others may require you to pay your own case expenses, but most whistleblower lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you will reimburse them from the recovery. While the costs of hiring a whistleblower lawyer may seem high, they will not be insurmountable.


The ethics of a whistleblower lawyer depends on whether the attorney will place his or her client’s interests over his or her ethical obligations. A responsible whistleblower will blow the whistle when he or she believes that staying silent will cause more harm than good. The virtuous whistleblower believes that he or she has a responsibility to protect the public good and is prepared to accept the consequences of his or her actions.

Reward potential

A whistleblower lawyer can be extremely beneficial in bringing a case in which a company has engaged in misconduct. By bringing a whistleblower lawsuit, a company may avoid significant financial damage from being exposed to securities fraud. Reporting violations of securities laws will also help protect investors and preserve the integrity of U.S. capital markets. In addition, a whistleblower lawyer can receive a significant monetary reward for his or her work.