How to Find Dementia Care in Australia

Dementia Care Sydney

If you or a family member is suffering from dementia, you’re probably wondering what is the best way to find help. There are a variety of options available, including Alzheimer’s care Sydney and dementia homes. If you have a loved one, it’s important to find a program that suits your needs. Here’s a brief guide to the various options. You can also find information on CTM, Arts on Prescription at Home, and family-carer training.

HammondCare Miranda

The residential care at HammondCare Miranda is specialised in dementia care and provides a home-like atmosphere for residents. The care model at Dementia Care Sydney the facility is different from others, allowing them to get to know each person and their family. As a result, they have a unique understanding of the individual. Residents and their families can be confident that their loved one will receive the best possible care. The staff is experienced in dealing with dementia and are highly trained to support and encourage the residents’ quality of life.

Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM)

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is a science-based, one-on-one program that stimulates cognitive activity in a comfortable home environment. It helps slow the onset of dementia and improve mental acuity. The program includes over 300 cognitive stimulation activities of varying difficulty. It can improve mental acuity, engagement, and quality of life. Read on to learn more about this program and its benefits.

Arts on Prescription at Home

The program will bring artists, volunteers and older people together through the power of art to promote social connections in residential and community settings. This unique program differs from diversional therapy in that it focuses on personal and group goals through meaningful activities. The program will be tailored to the needs of older people suffering from dementia. It will help older people with dementia stay active and involved in their community. It will also be accessible for people living with cognitive impairments.

Family-carer training program

The Sydney Dementia Care Group supports carers through a comprehensive training program. The program has two strands, involving hands-on activities and interactive exercises. Each unit includes certification, which is given to the caregiver when they complete the program. The training program will include a support group that meets monthly online and is run by a trained facilitator. The program is ideal for working carers, as it enables them to meet other caregivers and share experiences and advice.

Research project

Researchers at the University of Sydney are undertaking an online survey to determine the experiences of care givers of people with dementia. The survey is important because care givers are responsible for administering medications and managing side effects. Meanwhile, researchers from Monash University are developing a digital tool for early diagnosis of dementia, and are studying the handwriting patterns and other behaviours of people with cognitive impairment. The findings from these studies are expected to aid in improving the care of people with dementia.