Maler Stuttgart

Painter Stuttgart Maler Stuttgart is located in Germany and is known for providing professional services both online and offline. The company was started in 1983 by Ulrich Geller. This company prides itself on offering high quality and innovative graphic arts. The company boasts of having a fulltime VFX Artist which is Ulrich Geller. Ulrich joined Painter as an Intern while attending the Academy of Art University in Gutenburg. During this time he honed his skills and became one of the best in his class with regards to design, color and vision.

Painter Stuttgart

Ulrich Geller states, “Painter Stuttgart is different and not like any other VFX studio”. He went on to state “I am proud to be a member of Painter Stuttgart and I will never be another internal lead matte painter of – I already have that job because it is better than anything else.” When interviewed Ulrich Geller states that ” Painter is a very family oriented company. Employees are treated equally and this is very important in a work place like ours”.

The company boasts of having “ten years of experience in the industry. Many of the people who work here started as interns and after seven years of experience, decided to go full time”. Amongst the ten years of experience internal artists are responsible for creating matte paintings for motion graphics, computer games, film and television.

Ulrich states, “Painter Stuttgart takes pride in its work and is more than willing to help new individuals learn”. According to Ulrich, “The most important thing about this company is the fact that they are willing to help an intern grow”. For individuals looking to begin working full time, Ulrich recommends July through October as the “best months to begin working”. The best months to work as an internal or full time matte painter – (July through may) are:

In conclusion, we have learned that Ulrich Geller, the owner of Painter Stuttgart, has a passion for his job. He is passionate about the work his company does and the fact, “The painter is not just about painting, it’s also about colors”. He wants his employees to enjoy what they do and this includes helping their clients with “terms matched”. For this reason, he offers full time employment and welcomes interns. We hope you are as excited about this company as we are!

We can not stress enough how serious and involved Ulrich is as a business owner. As such, he is committed to providing a full time, paid position to each of his employees and offers internship programs to those who would like to learn more about this industry. If you are looking for a full time position at this company, you will want to do your homework and research Ulrich Geller, his background, and the products and services he offers. Please note that terms matched and all the details in this article are only subject to change, but this information is certainly worth reading! If you would like to learn more about Ulrich Geller, vfx, matte painting, and his company… please visit their website!