Messenger Bags – Features You Would Need To Know

A messenger bag is often a small kind of bag, usually made of canvas cloth. It’s worn over one shoulder similarly to a backpack with a large strap which goes around the back resting on the shoulders, while the other strap is used to hold the handbag. While earlier couriers used messenger bags exclusively, they have become also an iconic urban fashion icon. Some kinds of messenger bags can also be described as carryalls.

messenger bag

The most common kinds of messenger bags comprise of leather shoulder straps, canvas straps, cotton canvas, and cotton webbing straps. You may also come across microfiber messenger bags, mesh shoulder straps, PVC folders, and polypropylene folders. However, despite their differences, all messenger bags have three important features in common. These include having multiple handles, a top center zipper, and an outside zipper. Below is a description of each feature of a typical messenger bag:

– Multiple handles: Messenger bags come with many handles, allowing for the convenience of keeping the items which are being transported separate. If you need to transport two or more items at the same time, then a messenger bag with two handles would be more convenient than those with only one handle. Messenger bags may also be equipped with a top center zipper to enable easy access to your items.

– Center top zipper: Usually present in messenger bags, this is a zip which can either be placed inside or outside the bag. Zippers are very handy, especially when carrying heavy loads. In addition to being convenient, a centered zipper is also a safe way to carry a laptop on your shoulder. Although, without a zipper, the weight of a laptop may cause neck or back strain when the user holds the laptop against his or her shoulder. To solve this problem, most of the recent messenger bags have an outside zipper which is placed on the outside of the shoulder straps.

– Zippers: Most messenger bags have zippers, although there are some that do not. When zipped, these make it easier to carry your items that you may need on a regular basis. However, there are other types of messenger bags which do not have zippers that allow you to get to your stuffs easily using either the outside or inside zippers.

– Collapsible straps: This is one of the features that sets messenger bags apart from backpacks. They come with adjustable straps which can be used to carry anything that you can think of. These straps are usually attached to a backpack, which has a handle. Messenger bags can be worn either with the strap across the body or by attaching it to the back of the waist.