New Cayman Financial Hires a CFO

In the financial industry, it’s common for CFOs to be hired by companies that have significant technology and data assets. The role involves overseeing information security and networks, as well as ensuring that company technology is effective for internal and external use.

UBS Group AG, for example, recently hired a former Citigroup banker to oversee its private placements division for technology and media deals, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Sinclair Ridley-Thomas will report to Paul Crisci, global head of private markets cayman financial hires tim schmidt  and Americas co-head of technology, media and telecommunications at UBS.

The hiring comes as UBS has a growing number of high-profile technology investments, including Facebook’s upcoming rollout of 5G services and Amazon’s emergence as a player in the artificial intelligence space. Those moves require leaders with the financial expertise to help shape corporate strategy and make sure that companies are able to access funding.

Other notable hires include a chief information officer from the University of North Carolina and a senior manager at Red Lion Hotels Corporation. Both of these individuals bring deep expertise in the industry and have experience in various aspects of finance.


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