Senior Care

Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city and it is packed with things to do for seniors. A stay at the Vancouver seniors’ home provides seniors the opportunity to live an active and fulfilled life. As well, Vancouver offers various facilities such as educational tours, movies, art centers and other forms of entertainment for seniors. However, Vancouver is also the city that offers a number of excellent senior care facilities. Here is a look at some of these.

Vancouver Senior Care

One option that Vancouver seniors’ homes offer is assisted living communities. These are communities or neighborhoods where residents live in apartments or care facilities and receive medical care from licensed professionals. There are a number of agencies and organizations that run these types of communities, but the services that they provide range from helping seniors with mobility issues to providing full-time care. With the help of an agency or organization, seniors’ homes provide everything from apartment living to home health care and even aide-like services for those who need it most.

Many seniors’ homes in Vancouver have a number of facilities or activities onsite to accommodate residents. For example, the Delridge Village at the Downtown Vancouver Convention Centre has many different activities and organizations onsite including movies, fitness classes, movie nights and socializing. There is also a swimming pool, kid’s club and restaurant. The West End Village is a similarly designed complex that features two single-family homes, a library and a community centre. There is also an outdoor swimming pool.

There are also a number of seniors’ care facilities that are available for rent. The largest one of these is The Settlement at Main Street, which is conveniently located close to both the Pacific Ocean and Granville Street. This facility offers a variety of residential options along with a wide range of activities for seniors, including tennis, swimming, walking and bicycling. The Shoppers Paradise at Main Street is a similar type of seniors’ care home that has four single-family residences and a variety of services including swimming, exercise and therapeutic massages. At the Van Montford Village on the peninsula of Burradict Park, there are over seven residential communities for seniors, including an apartment building and two buildings with townhouses.

Seniors’ homes in Vancouver are not only available to accommodate seniors but also to families. There are mixed-use senior communities that are ideal for newlyweds, while other seniors’ homes are also fully furnished with all the modern amenities for active adults. The Willow Park Village is a good example of this type of senior community that is perfect for newlyweds or families who want to experience living in a convenient residential community. The Waterfront Village on the North Vancouver waterfront is another option that caters to seniors’ needs while letting families take advantage of the great outdoors.

It is easy to find Vancouver senior care homes in the city but finding one that suits your family members’ needs and lifestyle should be your first priority. After all, you will want to live in a place where you can spend most of your free time, and one in which your loved ones will be comfortable. Once you have settled on a particular senior care home, ask around and get referrals to other Vancouver seniors’ homes in the area. Word of mouth goes a long way. If you know somebody who lives nearby, it’s always worth asking them for recommendations. Alternatively, look up online sites that feature listings of different senior care homes in the area.