Smart Pro Detailing Cairns Offer Modesta Ceramic Coating

Transform your car, and restore it to its showroom shine.

Car detailing is the process of refining the appearance of a vehicle, predominantly by cleaning the paintwork, however it also includes restorative processes for surfaces such as exhaust pipes and badges. Detailing is a step up from washing and valeting, in terms of how much effort goes into it and the level of finish that is achieved. It is not a repair service, as it does not remove deep scratches or dents that would need to be taken to a body shop, but rather it aims to prevent future damage and improve the visual appeal of the vehicle.

A detailer will clean the interior of the vehicle Car Detailing Cairns РCeramic Coatings & Paint Protection first, removing any rubbish and sanitizing all surfaces. They may then vacuum the carpets, and shampoo and wash all interior leather surfaces. Next, they will wipe down the windows and clean the glass. After this, the exterior is cleaned with a pressure washer or steam cleaner and then sprayed with wax or sealant. Once dry the paintwork is protected with a ceramic coating. This is a cutting-edge technology that offers a durable surface finish, shielding your vehicle from environmental contaminants such as bird acid and tree sap.

Smart Pro Detailing Cairns are proud to offer this high-quality product from Modesta, along with a comprehensive list of other paint protection brands.

Car Detailing in Australia is a young profession, and many detailers are always seeking to learn new techniques and try new tools, mainly based on overseas trends. However, there is a small group of detailers who are passionate about this process and take great pride in their work, and they will go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are fully satisfied with their work.

Accomplishing a flawless completion isn’t the finish of your excursion. Support is vital to protecting the glimmer and sparkle.

Leave your vehicle in concealed regions to shield the paint from the brutal sun. Try not to drive on rock streets or harsh landscapes that can cause scratches.