The Tools a Locksmith Has at His Disposal

If you need a locksmith in Plymouth, you’ve come to the right place. Our locksmiths are friendly, experienced, and have been in business for over 15 years. They can assist you with a variety of security needs, from a broken key to a malfunctioning lock. They also have many tools at their disposal, including a key extractor.

Keys dating to the 1700s

Michael Grossman, a locksmith in Plymouth, Massachusetts, has some pretty cool locks. A monster key from a medieval castle and a massive lock from Boston’s old jail are among the many keys that adorn his collection. He also has a World War II Victory key made of brass teeth and metal knobs. These keys were made to protect precious war commodities from being stolen. Other keys in his collection include two Bramah lock keys, the pinnacle of security. When this lock was first invented, the owner offered a cash prize to anyone who could pick it. That challenge stood for 67 years.

The storefront Associated Key and Lock is a small business in downtown Plymouth. It was founded by Peter Tassinari in the late 1970s, and the shop has since been owned by John Pavidis and Michael Grossman. Grossman joined the business after graduating from locksmithing school. He has since expanded the business’s extensive collections of antique locks and keys.

Using a tension wrench to open a lock

A tension wrench is a tool that is used to create tension in a lock. This is an important tool when you’re trying to open a lock. Depending on the type of lock you’re trying to pick, you may have different tools that you’ll need to use. For example, you may need to use a pick to open a door, or you may use a tension wrench to open a cabinet door.

To use a tension wrench, insert it into the bottom part of the lock. Turn it in the direction that you need the lock to open. This will keep the tension in the lock throughout the process. Then, use a pick to wiggle into the top part of the lock. This  will raise the pins. After this step, you should be able to turn the tension wrench freely.

Using a key extractor to remove a foreign object stuck in a key slot

Key extractors can be useful tools to remove broken pieces and foreign objects that may have become lodged in key slots. Locksmiths often carry them on hand to deal with such situations. However, if the foreign object is very deep or complex, an expert locksmith is advised. This will prevent damage to the door or lock. Moreover, a locksmith knows how to use a key extractor to get the key out of the key slot in the quickest time possible.

Using a template to install a new lock

If you are in need of a new lock for your door, you should consider hiring a locksmith in Plymouth. Locksmiths in Plymouth can provide many different services and will be able to provide you with a quality lock. The best option would be to hire a company that is approved by the master locksmith association, such as Sir Fix-a-lock. These professionals are highly trained and will be able to install a new lock for you with ease.

For deadbolt locks, manufacturers typically provide a template that includes reference points that allow you to measure and drill holes for the new lock. The template is important because you must properly position the lock so that it sits 6 to 12 inches above the doorknob.

Choosing a reliable locksmith in Plymouth

The first step in choosing a reliable locksmith in Plymouth is to research the locksmith’s qualifications. There are many fraudulent locksmiths who advertise on the internet, so it’s important to make sure that the locksmith you choose is legitimate. Check if they are licensed and insured. Also, ask them if they carry lock pick sets, which are long needle-like tools used to grab a tumbler in a lock. You can also ask a friend or family member for recommendations for reputable businesses.

It is also important to check a locksmith’s DBS check, as this will tell you whether he or she has a criminal record. If they don’t have this, you should avoid them. You can also look online to see whether previous customers have reviewed a particular locksmith.