Why Choose a Boat Charter in Malta?

Malta is one of the best places to sail in the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a variety of cliffs, reefs, beaches and caves. This country is also home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Whether you want to explore the islands’ history, enjoy the beaches, or just sit back and relax on the water, a Maltese yacht charter is the way to go.

A Malta boat charter is the perfect option to spend a day on the water with family or friends. You can choose from three different types of boats. These include monohulls, catamarans and speedboats. ThereĀ boat charter malta are several factors to consider when planning your itinerary, including where you want to go, your budget, and your qualifications.

The weather in Malta is usually mild and sunny, making it a great place to sail. During the summer months, the temperature averages around 32 deg C. During the winter, the temperature can drop to a comfortable level. Even in the nighttime, the air is still warm enough for sightseeing.

Choosing to sail in Malta is a great way to experience the quaint fishing villages and unique bays of the island. The archipelago is home to several uninhabited islands. They are perfect for snorkeling, and are an ideal location for novice divers.

When you book a charter, you have the opportunity to see the Three Cities and the Comino. You can also view the stunning waterfront of Valletta. In addition to being an excellent destination for a wedding, you can visit many of the pristine beaches and reefs on the island. If you are planning on having a private event or a family vacation, you can take a Malta luxury yacht charter to give your guests an amazing experience.

Malta is an interesting mix of cultures. Many of the islands and towns have been influenced by Egyptian and European cultures. You can find ruins from these cultures, as well as a variety of baroque and golden limestone houses.

Malta is a popular destination for tourists. Most of the sailing holidays depart from the La Valette area in Valletta. You can rent a sailing boat for just a day or for a week, depending on your budget and preferences.

Malta is a great place for a sailboat charter, as it boasts perfect sea conditions for sailing. Having a boat allows you to get to the various ports and piers along the coast. Boats can range from 10-20 meters in length and can cost from EUR120 per day for a single person to EUR450 per day for a group of up to 20 people.

The best time to hire a sailboat in Malta is in the middle of the season, from April to October. In the summer, the sea can get quite hot, sometimes reaching up to 26 deg C. However, the weather is pleasant for walking on the sea and is usually dry during the colder months.

Depending on your budget, you can choose between a skippered or a bareboat. Both are more affordable than hiring a skippered charter, and are perfect for those who have previous experience in sailing. To find the right boat for you, you can use the Sailo website. Using their advanced filters, you can search by cost, duration, number of guests, and price range. Afterwards, you can contact a boat owner, discuss your itinerary, and make special plans for your trip.